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Reasons Why Winter Is The Best Time To Have a Boyfriend


As some of you may or may not know, I have somehow nabbed myself a significant other. RIGHT?! I was a Beyonce single lady advocate, and definitely all about not throwing a pity party for the single girl. I wasn’t really even sure how to date; I often found myself questioning modern romance. I thought I was dead inside, but I have all the warm fuzzy feels over this boy

Before I nauseate myself, I’m just going to stop. The point being, I’m in lurveeee, and now it’s winter time and the warm fuzzy feelings are literally going into over drive. Seriously, friends, winter is THE BEST time to have a boyfriend. Summertime is all for playing outside, playing on the beach, and playing the field. Who wants to run around hooking up when it’s freezing outside? Not me. It’s almost painful to get out of bed when it’s cold.

Having a honey in the winter is seriously awesome, and here’s why…

1. Body Heat
I’m not talking about sexy times, really, I’m more talking about the actual heat that radiates off another human’s body. In the winter it gets cold. Like really cold. And I hate it. But if I spend my entire winter snuggled up next to another human, I think I can probably survive.

2. Adorable Date Nights
We all want our love lives to resemble a movie, and when you’re dating someone in the winter it totally can! Picture it with me, you’re dressed in the perfect winter getup – a gorg peacoat, matching scarf, gloves and adorable knit beret. You’re holding a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and your sexy man friend’s hand in the other. You’re ice skating around an outdoor skating rink with a huge christmas tree in the background. You are quite literally floating along the ice. SO PERFECT AND ADORABLE THAT YOU WANT TO THROW UP AM I RIGHT?! Well, it can be a reality when you’re attached in the snow bunny season.

3. Not Caring What You Look Like
Who likes getting out of bed, the shower, any warm anything when it’s freezing outside? Not me. I also try half as hard every winter to look “cute.” It just seems not worth it when I’m wandering around campus in subzero temperatures to be strutting my stuff in my cutest outfits. Plus, finals week is just around the corner and we know we are not getting dressed up for that. If I were a single Pringle, this would be a problem. You can hardly hit on the cute boy in your English class when you’re wearing 400 layers of sweatpants that are tucked into Ugg boots. When you’re dating someone who loves you no matter what, it’s perfectly fine to dress weather appropriately because who cares? Yesterday, I literally wore a onesie around the house because I was so cold. My man wanted one too. We can be disgusting together and it’s awesome. On top of that? Who gains a little weight in the winter? Women do. How can we not? THERE IS SO MUCH FOOD. If some parts of you get a little soft, or your favorite pair of jeans is increasingly harder to button (guilty!) your significant other won’t notice! He’ll still think the sun shines out your butt.

4. Holiday Presents
Sure you have to think of what to get him – but that part is fun too? Having a boyfriend in the winter means I get something really special for Christmas. Even if your man can’t afford to spend $200 on a Michael Kors watch, he’s going to get you something so thoughtful you’ll pull a Grinch and your heart will swell three sizes.

5. Staying In
Things get busy in the winter and money runs low. Finals week, Thanksgiving, snow days, Christmas shopping are all stressful. Honestly, during the next few weeks I will probably turn my room into a cave. However, the TV really makes up for this because they play awesome holiday themed TV shows and movies all season long. I’ve already watched “Love Actually” on Netflix three times and it’s not even December. Having a boyfriend with you during these stressful times where you want to hibernate makes staying in fun! You can play board games, study together, watch movies, or decorate the house for Christmas. You won’t have FOMO when your roommates all go out to the bars and fail their finals because you’ll be the one staying in and getting sh*t done with your honey bear.

Molly is a senior journalism/English major at a school you haven’t heard of in a state you haven’t heard of. She’s obsessed with Chandler Bing, English bulldogs, and cheese. Follow her on twitter@gwacamolly.

[Lead image via Nickolya/Shutterstock]