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Watch Miley Cyrus Twerk On A Santa Claus Because It’s That Wonderful Time Of Year


Miley Cyrus has been busy this weekend between twerking on a drunk Santa Claus at KISS FM’s Jingle Bell concert and getting a questionable Anna Wintour-like haircut, she did not fail to get the people Tweeting about her. She wore a fluffy Chanel handbag that stirs a bubbling green-eyed covetousness in my soul and sang “Get It Right” into a candy cane microphone.

I don’t really understand Miley’s aesthetic besides looking like a lot of shit from Tumblr. She’s a much better singer than she is a performer. She’s not particularly magnetic and doesn’t really have a presence which is probably why she needs to create a spectacle around her, otherwise she’d just be showcasing her talent and people would be like, “That’s boring.” I don’t think she’ll top her Robin Thicke performance unless she does something epic like simulate fellatio on stage. She’s pretty much exhausted all the weird shit she is willing to do within her comfort zone, so I just expect more floating cats in space and exploitation of little people. I wish she’d just sit still and sing a bit more. Oh well, she always looks good though.

Miley also debuted a rather odd haircut and it doesn’t look like a weave, it looks like her actual hair. She has split ends—there, I said it!

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