Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Fit Chick [CC’s ShapeU]

Whether you just finished celebrating Hanukkah, you’re getting ready to trim the tree and commence with the spirit of Christmas, or maybe you’re just having some non-denominational fun and looking for an awesome gift for a friend, fitness gear is a perfect option this season!

What could be better than giving the gift of a healthy, active New Year? For that friend who’s a seasoned fitness guru, the one who’s obsessed with updating her workout wardrobe, or even one who is hoping to kick-start an exercise routine in 2014, these awesome gift ideas make it easy to find what’s right for fit friends and family!

These ideas conveniently come with a link to purchase the items, cutting out the hassle of shopping around.  It also offers some great advice to consider when choosing fitness gear to give as a gift! Some ideas include the ever-popular, yet somewhat boring yoga mat and headphones, but why not try something out of the box this year? How about a cool water infusion jug for friends who’ve gotten into the latest juicing craze! Or for your tech-savvy workout fanatic, perhaps a digital fitness tracker from Check out the other great items and start making your list!

You can’t go wrong with giving the gift of fitness, so while school and work adds to the craziness of the holidays, these ideas will help you make the perfect choice for any fit chick to have a happy, healthy holiday!

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