How to Make Lipstick Last All Day

We have to admit there’s really no way to make your lipstick last all day, but we have come pretty close. We hear a lot of complaints from girls, saying they don’t wear lipstick because applying and re-applying is annoying. But if you’re part of this school of beauty thinking, you’re missing out on some awesome, bold colors to give you the coveted bold lip look. So to help you rethink your stance on rich, full color lipsticks or give you a few extra tips if you’re already a fan, we put together the steps to make your lip color last the absolute longest.

Moisturized lips are happy lips. If you want color to cooperate, you must make sure you’re lips are hydrated. What happens when you rub foundation into dry skin? It flakes and makes a mess. The same will happen with your lipstick – it will crack on dry lips and look a mess. Check out our guide to combatting chapped winter lips before you paint on a bold pout.

Use a lip pencil to define lips. Don’t worry about matching your lip liner to lipstick. It’s an unnecessary expense and can look weird when your lipstick fades. Stick to a neutral pencil like Smashbox The Nude Lipliner. It will give you an outline to work with and ensure your lipstick stays in place and not stray outside the lines. Don’t forget to color your lips with the pencil as well, don’t just line them and leave them be.

Apply lipstick with a brush to ensure it stays. Think of putting lipstick on with the tube as just scratching the surface. Applying color with a brush will really get the pigment to sink in. The Sonia Kashuk Retractable Tools Lip Brush is a great tool with an even better price.

Create the richest color possible by finishing with the tube. After applying color with a brush, go over your lips with the tube to create the boldest, richest, brightest shade possible. Blot, apply a second coat, blot again and voila! Your lipstick will last longer than ever.
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