Meet Our Makeup Bag: Sonia Kashuk’s Fabulous Cosmetic Bag Collection

What It Is:

Sonia Kashuk Triple Train Case, Small Train Case, Travel Duffle and Soft Case Cosmetic Bags*

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

As any jet-setting makeup junkie will tell you, good cosmetic bags are essential. They keep your precious (usually priceless) makeup collection safe and sound while traveling and also help you organize. And Sonia Kashuk’s new collection features a bag for every need in stunning prints. I’m taking a look at 4 here.

How To Use It:

Even though every ‘Makeup Bag‘ post has this section, I have no guidance in packing cosmetic bags. Get out your cosmetics and toss ’em in!

CC Rating: A

The Sonia Kashuk Cosmetic Bag Collection has blown me away. I’ve actually gone on 4 trips, testing these bags out thoroughly, and didn’t know you could love cosmetic bags like I love these ones!

I’ll start with my favorites. The Travel Duffle was my primary bag for 2 trips and my carry-on for one and was perfect. The soft sides are great for shoving it into awkward spaces and the busy print with lots of dark colors keeps it from looking grungy. This baby got tossed in the back of an 8-seater plane and came out looking like new! It also comes with 2 clear cases that velcro inside so you can pack toiletries without them ruining your clothes if they explode. I also love the Soft Cosmetic Case and have been using it to tote around my touch-up essentials. Even thought I expected to love the Train Cases, neither has proven to be that useful for me. I used the Small Train Case for my trip to New York and found it to be just a tad too small for my makeup. And the Triple Train Case takes up A LOT of room in any suitcase considering what you can actually fit in it. Both are still well-made and feature gorgeous prints, but just don’t suit my needs that well.

The prices are as follows: Soft Cosmetic Case ($6.99), Small Train Case ($14.99), Triple Train Case ($19.99) and Travel Duffle ($39.99). You can find the whole collection at Target stores and!

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* item was provided for review

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