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A College Student May Lose Her Limbs From Passing Out On Her Doorstep


This is why you should have better friends if you’re going to get shit-faced on tequila. Alyssa Jo Lommel, a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Minnesota, suffered from hypothermia after being passed out on her neighbor’s porch for 9 hours. Alyssa is in stable but critical condition. When she was found her hands were three times their normal size and her skin was split from finger to palm.

The temperatures were subzero the night Alyssa and her friends were playing a drinking game that caused her to down 10 shots of tequila. Her friends dropped her off but clearly didn’t make sure she actually went home. Alyssa was saved after being spotted by a couple who happened to be walking by the next morning. Her limbs were seriously harmed due to hypothermia and unless she is able to regain circulation, they could be amputated.

Her parents are hopeful that she will recover and are grateful to the couple who spotted her, writing them a note, “We owe Alyssa’s life to you two. Our family cannot be grateful enough that you happened to see her,’ the missive read. ‘She could not have survived much longer out in the elements. You two will forever be in our hearts and prayers and we cannot thank you enough for what you did.”

I am not going to needlessly put the blame on anyone here. This is a tragic and cautionary tale about irresponsible drinking. It’s OK to have fun but if you’re all going to get drunk you have to look out for each other and yes that means if you see your friends getting blackout wasted, you need to be responsible and limit your drinking. Sorry, it sucks that you don’t get to have “as much fun,” but the consequences are serious when drinking, in this case underage drinking, is involved. Shit like this shouldn’t be happening in a group of people that are supposed to be friends.

Look out for each other, you guys. Drink responsibly!

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