Trojan Has the Crazy Stats on All The Holiday Party Hookin’ Up People Do

The holiday season has a way of making you feel like you want to be all cuddly with the one you love. Perhaps its the hot chocolate, the urge to snuggle or the mistletoe. Maybe you have a new love interest, or your ex is sending you “Happy Holiday” texts. Either way, you will probably be getting loads of action towards the end of December.

Between the holiday music, films and parties, it may be difficult not to feel all fuzzy inside. Around this time, it is extremely easy to feel like all the grudges you have been holding are completely irrelevant. Those new feelings you’ve been waiting to express may be less of a burden to carry if you send it after sipping a few glasses of eggnog, right? While you’re looking all wintertime fine at a holiday party, the chemistry between you and your colleagues or friends may be inescapable. Just know, you aren’t alone here. Trojan’s Holiday Party Sex Poll projects just how much is going down.

Who’s getting it on and where?

·New Year’s, Christmas and workplace parties came in as the top three festivities for holiday hook ups

·24% of Americans have hooked up with someone at or following an office/workplace party

·42% of men and 27%of women, ages 18-34 have gotten it on at, or following a holiday party

As Justin Timberlake reminded us on SNL, there is no better gift for any holiday than a “Dick in a Box.” In order to thoroughly enjoy this gift, don’t forget to use protection! 46% of holiday hook-ups are without condoms. It’s all fun and games during the holidays, but you don’t want to ring in the new year with morning sickness. Holiday hook-ups can still be spontaneous and fun, but safe all at the same time with Trojan.

If you’re going to an Ugly Sweater party, you may leave a little luckier than you arrived! 6% of Ugly Sweater party-goers have been followed by a hook-up. How comforting to know you can still get some play in a hideous sweater…

‘Tis the season to be frisky.

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