12 Lies It’s Okay To Tell Him [Dude’s List]

It’s said that honesty is the best course to a happy relationship, and while that will be absolutely true as your togetherness grows, there’s a flip side of the coin, a second key to longevity: discretion. Now I’m not saying you need to boldface manipulatively lead him astray, not like, “I’ve never been married,” when there’s a wedding album, a loan to pay off, and 5 years of your life that you can’t get back. But there are occasions where a little, sensitivity to the situation, might call for the whitest of lies. And that’s okay! Seriously. Which leads us to the question: WHEN is it okay to lie? See below for some helpful hints…

[NOTE: This time, the gallery will be evidence of the happiness you will be rewarded with by lying when it is appropriate and harmless]

There you have a dozen white lies that will only help your relationship blossom. Yes, some of them involve passing up on an opportunity to use some Whedon wit but it’s for the good of the long-term. We all need to know when not to say, “I told you so,” and when to give our partners leeway to be in denial for a little longer. There are no absolutes, there’s only the next decision and how we react to it. Keep perspective on what course of action will benefit you long-term-the one that’s going to keep you BOTH happier-and choose, wisely.

Going to get some whitening done,

The Dude

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