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The 14 Saddest, Most Heart-Wrenching Kids Movies Ever Made


I watched a ton of movies when I was little. I was raised by the warm glowing light of my television, as were most millenials. Not saying I was neglected, just saying that TV and movies were a major part of my life and shaping of my thoughts as I grew up. It tends to be that way these days. But what you don’t realize when you’re spanning those most formative years is that some of the movies you’re watching are kind of…dark. Sad at times. Depressing more often than not. It’s an amazing fact but the best children/all ages films have a lot of sadness about them. However, the tragedy usually comes at the beginning of the movie. A friend of mine put it best as I was prepping for this post: “The death comes at the beginning of the story, and the conflict is trying to learn how the death is okay.” Seriously, look back at some of the best (or at least most effective) kids’ movies of all-time and then go to your parents and ask, “WTF were you thinking, mom?”

Okay, time to go shout at my parents for repeatedly treating me to entertainment explaining that life sucks most of the time until you get to live with your grandparents in a valley. A lot of honorable mentions didn’t make this version of the list, from “Fluke,” to “American Tail,” to “Last Unicorn” and beyond. Again, think back over those films that shaped your youthful minds and personalities. We all have movies that emotionally scarred us more than others. What are yours?

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