Why Your Parents Become Awesome After College

I’ve been out of college for just over two years now, and I can safely say that my parents are a couple of my very favorite people in the world. Now, I’m very lucky in that I have parents I can talk to about anything, drink several bottles of wine with, and go to things like yelp events and beer tastings without embarrassment.

It’s hard to say when this shifted—but there was a clear shift upon graduating. I’ve been trying to put my finger on what exactly happened to take me from tolerating my parents to actually super enjoying hanging out with them. Like, seriously, sometimes I’ll choose a movie and wine night with my parents on a Saturday night over going out to the bars.

Here are a few of the reasons why your parents become awesome after college, and why you should definitely get excited about this:

You Become a More Understanding Person. Your parents are people too, with a whole history and past and stories and hardships. For some reason, you just don’t think much about this before you graduate. Obviously the timeline varies for everyone, but, you don’t always think this way. Once you do, you start to see your parents as people, more than parents.

You Want to Learn Thing From Them. Guess what you guys… Your parents know stuff. A lot of stuff. Every chance I have to learn a new recipe, listen to my dad talk about different types of bourbon, or plan a new budget with my pops—I am so happy to do so. It’s like you find these wells of resources you never really utilized before you left college.

You Become Less Self-Centered. I can’t be the only one who used to make my mom park down the street when she picked me up from middle school and high school… Can I? So obsessed are we high school kids with our image that we come a little bit selfish. Your parents are less people, more symbols. This definitely fades while in college, but it is gone come graduation. I couldn’t care less if someone saw me with my parents on a Saturday night.

You Become Closer in Age. Now this one may vary depending on who you are—so maybe I should say you just get to closer stages of life. Relating to someone in highschool is hard even for a 22 year old. Imagine how it is for a 40 year old. But when you graduate, you become, in theory, an adult. My parents and I can vent together about credit cards, maintaining friendships, car problems, 401ks, health insurance, cooking, etc. When you begin to have more common ground with your parents, you become closer.

So while leaving the safety net of college is super scary, it’s good to know you already have two (or more) awesome, fun, rich (compared to us) friends who are required to hang out with you.

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