3 Awesome Holiday Outfits for Under $100

Holiday parties were once about giving out cards, candy, and exchanging Secret Santa gifts. Here we are, years later and holiday parties have taken on a different meaning. We ditch the dorky holiday sweaters for sexy dresses and heels. Our friends at CollegeFashion have provided you with three looks for the upcoming holiday parties — all for under $100.

Bring out the burgundies, blacks and golds to bring a less cliche color scheme for the winter months. You may even be able to re-purpose your open-toe shoes with a pair of opaque tights. Whether you’re hitting the town for work festivities, a formal festivity or a family shindig, CollegeFashion has an affordable option for everyone.

This holiday season will be what I consider my first “grown up” season. I used to make a million and one excuses of why I didn’t want to go out. “It’s too cold.” “I’d rather wait until I’m 21.” Whelp! I will definitely be sacrificing the feeling in my legs to look cute when New Year’s rolls around.

What will you be wearing this holiday season?

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