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The Highs And Lows of The Holidays, As Told Through Christmas Movie .Gifs


So we all know that the holidays can be the happiest and most wonderful time of the year. Everyone seems happy and jolly and ready to party. There are gifts being given everywhere you see. Christmas lights line every street and light up all the houses on your street. You even love that people ringing the bell, asking you for money, outside the grocery store. It’s all like music to your ears.

But wait, what if you’re single and alone? What if you miss the bus and have to walk all the way home…in the snow…in heels? What if your family knows that you’re vegan but still only cook ham on Christmas day? What if you run into your ex at the hometown bars because everyone goes to the same place when you’re home on break? What if you just absolutely hate the cold? Ohhh, it seems that the holidays are not just kisses under the mistletoe and cozying up by the fire. Sometimes the holidays totally suck.

There are definitely highs and lows when it comes to going through the motions of the holidays. Remember that you are not alone and it’s totally okay to reach for the eggnog and never look back. Check out our spin on the holidays, as told through some of the most amazing Christmas movies ever! Enjoy!

So when you first get home from college, you’re so excited about the holidays and ready to take on the world like, 

Then you start to feel the break boredom coming on and get totally restless just being a slug around the house like, 

Then you finally get the stamina to go outside and it’s snowing and freezing and you’re just like,

So you head back inside and get a call from a friend that you’re all going out tonight to the local bar. You’re trying to get ready, but you’re just like, 

You finally get to the bar and you’re ex is standing right at the front and you’re just like,

But then you realize how effing amazing you look and you just wave like,

You drink and have a lovely time with your friends and you’re so happy to back at home. You’re like,

But then, you remember that you have to meet with all your annoying relatives for holiday dinner, and you’re just like,

They end up giving you pretty great presents and only ask you about having a boyfriend once, and you’re like,

But then you go home and realize that there is no one to curl up and snuggle with, and you’re just like,

So instead of whining about it, you pop in your favorite Christmas movie and eat some food like, 

You then realize that the holidays are actually awesome because of the food, and family and friends and magic of the season, and you’re like,

[all gifs via tumblr.]

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