We’re Bonkers for Black Lipstick [Beauty Brunch]

I don’t know about you, but I had the weirdest lipstick colors in my makeup bag growing up. There was blue, green, orange and, perhaps the most daring, black. Of course, I was never really allowed to wear them to school (ugh, uniforms), so I would experiment with them in the summer and running around doing whatever I was doing on the weekends. In time, I ditched the blue and green, kept the orange and have lately been pondering the black. I’ve been seeing it everywhere from editorials to the beauty counter, and I’m once again curious. I’ve worn it walking out of Sephora multiple times but still haven’t taken the plunge and purchased a tube.

Black lipstick can be tricky. It’s certainly not attractive when it starts to fade, and it may look like you’re missing some teeth if any gets on your chompers. But don’t let these risks totally derail your gothic dreams. Look for a richly pigmented formula (we like Illamasqua in Pristine and OCC in Tarred) and follow our guide on how to make your lipstick last. The beautiful thing about makeup is it’s not permanent, so you can experiment as you please. To inspire you, we’ve gathering some pretty sexy photos of black lipstick-wearing women below. From runway to editorial to just your everyday girl, check them out below and welcome yourself to the dark side.

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