Harvard Receives Bomb Threat, Students Stoked To Have Finals Cancelled

Four buildings at Harvard University shut down after someone called in a bomb threat. Students suspect some slacker was just trying to get out of finals. I wonder why since Harvard has become notorious for grade inflation.

“I have a good guess somebody called it in so they wouldn’t have to take an exam. It’s frustrating because now the exam will have to be postponed.” Alexander Ryjik told the Associated Press.

After Harvard sent out an alert via twitter, text and email, saying, “Unconfirmed reports of explosives at four sites on campus: Science Center, Thayer, Sever, and Emerson. Please evacuate those buildings now.” Even though this sounds completely scary, many were happy to get more study time.

“Following announcement, students erupt in applause,” the¬†Crimson¬†tweeted. If the bomb threat turns out to be a hoax the perp could face 20 years in prison. The buildings have reopened at Harvard and some slacker out there is still on Tumblr not studying.

[Via. USA Today]

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