CC Staff Wish List: Rebecca Sage, North Central College

All year round I have all these things I need/want to make my life a little easier (or prettier), but I am one of those people who doesn’t splurge too often throughout the year on things I want for myself. It’s nice around the holidays to actually think up maybe even a few things that might make the New Year a little more exciting. Even if I don’t get everything on my list, it’s nice to kind of take inventory of things I’ve really liked throughout the year but haven’t snagged for myself. Everything goes on sale after the holidays anyways, right?

Sometimes women that are moving into adulthood can forget to enjoy themselves. I found myself this past year in my first adult job only ever thinking about work and how I should be doing better. Quite frankly I think we all need to start saying eff that attitude and realize that we’re all doing awesome because we’re doing the best we can. We deserve to enjoy our lives while we’re still young, so little indulgences shouldn’t be avoided. I hope you enjoy my list that will hopefully let me enjoy the little things in life in 2014. Make sure you make one for yourself too!

Let me know below if you have any of these items in my list and want to review them or if you want anything similar that could help me fine-tune my search!

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