Google Zeitgeist: 2013 vs. 2005

Today Google released its Zeitgeist report¬†for 2013. Zeitgeist sums up the most popular searches and trends each year. What I didn’t know is that Google has been doing this since 2004. Each year they remove and add categorizes that illustrate just what was going on in United States (and in the world). Looking at the categories now and then, I can see how much culture has changed. There were no memes, no social media sites, no GIFs or hardcore, scathing celebrity gossip to fixate on. 2005 was a simpler time, when Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” boomed from our radios and the only thing we cared about was what Paris Hilton would do next. This wasn’t the era of viral videos or Youtube, it wasn’t the time when Buzzfeed reigned supreme. 2005 was before Britney’s breakdown, before Obama’s hope and before we could go to school online.

However, in 2005 the most popular person was Paris Hilton, today it’s Miley Cyrus so nothing has changed, I guess. We still condemn and celebrate “troubled” seeming female celebs. Let’s take a walk down Internet memory lane.

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