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Harvard Student Arrested, Called In Bomb Scare To Cancel Finals


Eldo Kim, a 20-year-old psychology major at Harvard, admitted to the FBI that he called in the bomb threat so that he wouldn’t have to take finals. This is why everyone should not get an A at Harvard. I supposed for the ones who do not the pressure is and extreme. 

He was arrested was arrested “and held overnight on federal bomb hoax charges. He is scheduled to appear in US District Court on Wednesday, according to US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz’s office,” according to

The FBI said Kim sent out an email to Harvard officials, campus police, at 8:30 a.m. Monday warning of “shrapnel bombs” in four buildings. How can someone who goes to the best school in the country, who is presumably very smart, be so freaking stupid. Really an email? You didn’t think you would get caught.

Great, you didn’t have to take finals but now your life is kind of ruined. He used an anonymous, temporary email but anyone who watches TV (who doesn’t watch Scandal at this point?) knows the FBI will figure that shit out right quick and they did.

“By the end of the day that Kim had used a Harvard wireless network to create the secretive IP, prompting an FBI agent and a campus police officer to interview him in his dorm Monday night.The agent, Thomas M. Dalton, said Kim admitted to authoring the hoax, picking Emerson Hall—the site of his exam—and three other targets.”

It’s better to get a bad grade on your finals than to potentially face five years in prison, kiddos.


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