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The Essential Holiday Travel Skincare Routine


This is definitely not your skin’s favorite time of year. Not only are you dealing with the stress of finals, traveling certainly doesn’t help to calm down your dermis. What you need is a rock solid skincare routine to balance your pH levels, keep flaky, dead skin out of the picture and rid your face of the nasty bacteria and germs floating around in airports and other travel hubs.

Now these products aren’t going to work perfectly for everyone (it’s always trial and error when trying a new formula), but it’s a great framework for how your skincare routine should look this time of year. If you have a face wash you love, keep it. Prefer a homemade exfoliant instead of a store-bought formula? Please use it. Follow these steps below, and your skin will be radiant and glowing instead of dull and stressed.

[Lead image via Pressmaster/Shuttershock]