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The Men of Reddit Reveal Girly Things They Wish They Could Do Without Judgment


It’s always fun to envision doing things that the opposite sex is known for. My friends and I have a great laugh each and every time we think of things we would do as men. Luckily for women, many of the things that we wish to do as men can be done — free of judgment. Men on the other hand, aren’t so lucky. A thread on Reddit reveals exactly what girly things guys would do if it were more socially acceptable.

GrassyGnoll said:

I want to be taken out for a nice dinner, after which I will put out.

Doesyball said:

Wear a sundress.
Cute, easy, comfortable, and breezy.

Euphuist said:

I’ll admit to thinking that a spa day looks pretty awesome. Mani/pedi, face mask, all that jazz. Colour me intrigued.

AH_Blowfish said:

Order a Shirley Temple. That shits good.

baseballwiz said:

Wear yoga pants. I’ve worn them in private before. it feels like kittens hugging your legs.

radiationshield said:

Get a girl to pay for my drink, then disappear like a phantom in the night.

Emmy_Bee said:

Not gonna lie. A purse would be hella convenient.

very_humble said:

Casually touch friends’ boobs

charbok said:

When I get drunk I love to dance like a girl. I’m a big fan of twerking. I also like to dance with my arms up, like in a girly way. Imagine a music video with a hot girl dancing sexily in the middle of a huge crowd.

Shammmmy said:

Makeup. Just once.

AaronRodgers16 said:

UGGs look comfy as heck.

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