15 Women Who Broke Records, Glass Ceilings & Expectations In 2013

2013 was a great year for women. The world isn’t exactly equal for those of us who identify as female but 2013 was a year where things moved forward for women. History is on the side of progress, so bow down, bitches. While women dominated the box office (Frozen, Gravity and Catching Fire) and had a major presence on television (Scandal, Orange Is The New Black, Homeland, Getting On & more), women leaders all over the world broke glass ceilings and female athletes broke world records. As I was compiling this list it was great to see that there were all different kinds of women who were making history. There were women of color, of different religions, of different ages, of different countries with different ideas but not a single one of them was less empowered than another.

2013 was just the beginning or maybe it was the middle—who cares?—because it certainly is not the end. When America has its first female President, that may be the real beginning, the real start, but for now it takes bad ass bitches like the women on this list (and all of us) to keep progress moving along. You may not be a CEO tomorrow or sell a million records but how you treat others, how you treat other women and emulate strength is just enough to keep the momentum going.

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