Harvard U’s Harvard Lampoon Gets First Female Black President

The Harvard Lampoon is Harvard U’s humor publication but it has a long legacy of catalyzing the careers of hugely successful comedy writers like Conan O’Brien, B.J. Novak and Simon Rich. It has even boosted non-comedy writers like George Plimpton and John Updike. So of course it’s a big deal that it is now being run by two women, Vice President Ellie Parker, and President Alexis Wilkinson who happens to be Black.

Let us not forget that a few years ago real people who are supposed to be intelligent and educating were debating as to whether women were capable of being funny. Not to mention after huge outrage over SNL not hiring any Black women (and having a lack of diversity overall) they took to specifically casting for a female Black cast member, which is great but is also, in part, tokenism and appeasement.

Wilkinson said of the race thang, “So much of comedy is confidence. When you feel you are like the other people in your community, for instance a humor organization, I think you feel more comfortable and that makes it just easier to make jokes. So when you feel like the odd man out, or in this case the odd woman out, definitely, that is a barrier to comedy.”

Sounds about right. Glad to see women taking leadership in comedy.

[Via. Jezebel]

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