16 GIFs Of Naomi Campbell Throwing Shade

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Naomi Campbell is better known as a supermodel of the ’90s. While she still is, incredibly, a working model and a household name, Naomi is infamously known for being a high maintenance, straight up Regina Georgian Mean Girl. 

There’s an entire blog called “Naomi Hit Me” because she is known for literally throwing phones at her assistants. Tyra Banks notoriously brought Naomi onto her show to confront the model about their longstanding rivalry. Naomi appeared to be completely unphased as Tyra told her that Naomi had been hurting her feelings for years and that she didn’t understand why there was so much animosity between them. Naomi basically rolled her eyes and looked at Tyra like, “That’s your problem, bitch.”

Thus you can imagine that it was to my pleasure that Naomi Campbell, Coco Rocha and  Karolina Kurkova would host a show that was America’s Next Top Model meets the The Voice called The Face. Needless to say Naomi was as scary as you’ve ever seen her. She promptly through the best shade and created one of the most infamous comebacks echoed through drag queen ballrooms until this day, “Check your lipstick before you come and talk to me,” she told Coco Rocha who was sporting a lavender lip at the time. It was epic.

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