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Baruch Bans Pi Delta Psi Fraternity For Life After Hazing Death


Baruch College has  instituted a lifetime ban on the Pi Delta Psi fraternity following the death of Michael Deng. We talked about how a hazing ritual gone wrong led to the unexpected death of a freshman.

Deng died of brain trauma after receiving “too many tackles.” The New York City frat had traveled to the Poconos in Pennsylvania without the knowledge of faculty officials. There things were taken too far and now the entire frat’s legacy is paying the price.

According to the Huffington Post, “College President¬†Wallerstein told Baruch students and staffers the school is conducting a review. He says some students haven’t cooperated.”

Not cooperating does not make you look any less guilty. The national Pi Delta Psi fraternity has also revoked its affiliation with the Baruch chapter.

Hazing is so bizarre. A bad nickname, a game of chubby bunny and an embarrassing rendition of “truth or dare” is enough to bring people closer through vulnerability and humiliation. Time and time again these frats get a little too comfortable with physical violence. It makes you wonder why doesn’t anyone speak up? Is it really worth it to not look like a coward?

This is a prime example of mob mentality trumping reason. When 30 guys tell you to take it like a man, you’re not going to be the one to say you can’t handle it. It’s just an awful practice.

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