Jimmy Fallon Wins Again With This Hilarious Holiday Song Parody

Coming home for the holidays can be rough. You’re right back in the place where you’ve been trying to escape for years, but our colleges force us all to go home, so here we are. We’re back in our childhood beds in our childhood rooms, hanging out with our childhood friends and trying to make the most of this usually uncomfortable time.

There really is nothing like home for the holidays, am I right?

The biggest dilemma college kids face when coming home for the holidays is nowhere to hook up! Are you seriously going to take a girl home to your parent’s basement and have her sneak out? How about getting a little frisky on that twin bed? Jimmy Fallon (with the help of the ladies of SNL) and knocked it out of the park with this hilarious and sadly, very relatable parody song about hooking up around the holidays. Please enjoy, “(Do It On My) Twin Bed.”

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