Snowed In? Here’s 10 Ways To Make The Most Of It

If you’re hanging out in the Midwest region for the majority of your holiday break, you know that we’re dealing with some pretty nasty weather. Winter storms have taken over, and there is no where to go! Your power is out. Your cellphone is dead. You’re dealing with a no-technology meltdown!

We’re stuck inside our houses with our parents, Great Aunt Ruth’s, and weird cousin Larry’s. The roads are too icy and unplowed to escape, so it’s either brave the cold or stay in and make the most of it! What could there possibly be to do when the weather outside is oh so frightful and dying of boredom is not-so delightful. From cuddling with your hometown sweetheart to taking a well deserved nap, here are 10 way to cure the snowed-in boredom.

Check out all your options in the gallery below!

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