Why Being Single During the Holidays is Actually Great

During the summer, everyone wants to be single. They want to go pool hopping and drink all day and dance in the club, or whatever it is couples imagine single people do.

But when the seasons change, you can almost feel the shift. It’s like a city-wide panic to get in a relationship as soon as possible so you have someone to stay in with, and so you can put on that winter weight without worrying about also finding a boyf/girlf. I get it—I do. It’s cold and dark outside in the winter, and it’s more socially acceptable to go to sleep at 8pm if you have someone to go to sleep with.

But I’m going to be single for the first winter in a couple of years, and here are the top 5 reasons I’m most excited for it (and you should be too!):

1. No Stress About Buying A Gift. Come on  kiddos, I know you’re all as broke and in debt as I am. The last thing I need is one other person to buy a present for. Not only the cost of it but all of the questions—we’ve only been together X amount of time what’s the right gift? What does he even like? Is he getting me a gift? Will it be super weird? Ugh, no thank you. And you may say well, one less person to buy you a gift… No. Take the money you would normally spend on your spouse, and go spend it on yourself! A great massage or a new perfume—the world is yours!

2. Who Says You Can’t Go Out in Winter? People act like everyone just hibernates during the winter. FALSE. The people that go out are just more committed to it. Read: way more fun nights at the bar. Some of my best nights in college were when we all bundled up, ventured outside, and hibernated inside a bar with best friends and new friends and new loves instead of at home by the firelight of Netflix.

3. Less Holiday Weight Gain. This may sound silly, but when you don’t have a spouse, it’s easier to work out. The holidays are busy enough with parties and cookie nights and family and vacations. When you don’t have one more person that takes a chunk of your time, you have more time to focus on you. A free Wednesday night means a solid work out, it doesn’t have to mean more cookies and booze with your boyf.

4. Isn’t One Family Stressful Enough? Now I know that when you’re with someone you love, you want to spend time with them and their family during the holidays. I’m not hating on relationships. But, how nice is it to be able to focus only on your family. See who you want to see. Not stress about splitting time or awkward in-law dinners. Enjoy this time of freedom, my single loves!

5. You Do What YOU Want. The best part about being single during the holidays—ya do whatever ya want to do. You watch your favorite Christmas movies. You make mulled wine over and over again until you get it right. You relax alone with a great book and booze and pine-tree or sugar cookie candles. You don’t need a boyfriend to do any of these things.

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