Dylan Sprouse Had Another Nude Photo Leak

So another Dylan Sprouse nude photo has leaked. I have no idea where it came from. It’s almost as if the universe just new it was Christmas and dropped this little gift to us. This one isn’t censored at all and you can totally see his Disney peen.

Dylan hasn’t said anything but considering how gracefully he handled the last incident, I don’t think one warrants any sort of explanation. He said last time, something to the affect of, “I thought I looked hot. WTF ever.”

There’s no other way to handle it because denying that it’s your body, like Blake Lively did, when it clearly is you, is just going to keep the internet rage machine going for days. By the time this photo leaked I had already forgotten about the last two. Who is Dylan Sprouse again? Where am I? What?

Click to see the uncensored picture at the source.

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