How To Seamlessly Travel Through Airport Security

I love flying in airplanes. I hadn’t flown until I was 20 years old. My first time was on a plane to London for my study abroad semester. Maybe it’s because I associate that feeling of leaving the country for the first time and how limitless the world felt in those moments, that I always get really excited to fly. I’ll say it, even when I am flying economy (as I always am) it always feels like a real luxury to be able to fly. I was so adamant about studying abroad because I knew it would be my only chance to ever travel really that I just applied.

When I applied I didn’t have the money or the resources to even pay to go. I just told myself it will all work out. To my surprise after I found out my application for London was accepted I received a $6,500 scholarship to support my time abroad. It was an incredible feeling because I knew it was a combination of luck and hard work that allowed me to travel. I’ll always think of airplanes fondly for that reason. Nevertheless we need to get real.

Airport security is bonkers these days so you gots to be prepared, baby girl.

Wear Flats or Slip-ons. You know you’re going to have to take your shoes off so why in the blue hell did you wear those hooker boots with 1,234,243 laces. You are holding up the line, boo boo. Bring shoes that are easy to take off. Also, wear socks because you don’t want to stand on that yucky floor.

Keep all your stuff separate. When you have to walk through that giant x-ray, body imaging thingy, they will ask you to remove basically errythang. Keep accessories, including wallet, belt, bulky jewelry, money, keys, and cell phone in a separate tote with your laptop.

Take out your body piercings. Some body piercings will trigger the body imaging thingy, so be sure to remove all piercings so that you don’t end up having to remove those nip rings in front of everybody.

Put Your Liquids In A Baggy. Put that baggy in the front pocket of your carry-on. You know you have to take that baggy out so why did you bury it under 10 tons of clothing you’re not going to wear? You’ve got bottles all over errywhere and now you are scrambling to collect them. You are going to be put on the no-fly list with that level of irresponsibility. Make sure your liquids are in 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag and each bottle is no more than 3.4 ounces.

Or buy your liquids once you’re in. Airports have a ton of duty free shops where you can buy all your toiletries once you get passed security. You can even buy them at your destination point, once you land.

Have your boarding pass and ID ready. Have these things in your hand because they are going to be checking these things at every turn. Just hold them.

Travel Light. Where are you going? Unless you are moving across the country there is simply no reason to bring more than a carry-on. If you’re going away for a month then you only need two weeks worth of clothing. Have you heard of washing machines? They probably have them where you are going. Checking your bags is inviting a vampire into your home. They will get lost. They will end up in Dubai. You will not see your shit ever again. 

Pro tip: Bring snacks. Airplane food is so gross. As long as it’s not a liquid, you can bring snacks on the plane.

[Via. TSA]

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