The GIRLS Season 3 Trailer #2 is Here, and Jenna Lyons Makes a Cameo

HBO’s “GIRLS” is kicking off it’s third season on January 12th. Above is the show’s newly released second trailer for the season (watch the first trailer here), and my excitement is genuinely building.

After giving up on “GIRLS” after only 7 episodes last season — no, I still haven’t watched the finale — I’m sorta ready to forget about the rough patches Lena Dunham and I have been through, and get on with the show. As evidenced by this latest sneak peak into Hannahland, someone on the show’s staff recognized the plot was beginning to get too “out there” and safely steered it back onto the path of universal twenty-something relatability.

Watch the trailer above and let us know what you think! Shoshanna’s Deepak Chopra line and Jenna Lyons as Hannah’s boss have restored my faith in all things “GIRLS”.

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