How to Stay Comfortable in Sexy, Sky-High Heels

Every woman (and some men) should know how to look graceful and comfortable in heels, and the best way is to look good is to actually feel graceful and comfortable in heels. We’ve all been there — it’s difficult to hide the expressions of pain and wobbly suffering when you’re walking through the streets trying to find a cab. And with the holidays here, we’re wearing heels a lot more than usual, so some good advice is essential more than ever. These tips will help you look like a pro and stay agony-free all day and night long.

1. Buy shoes that fit. If you disregard this step, you will fail to stay comfortable in heels even if you follow every other rule. If the shoes are too big, you toes will curl under as you walk, attempting to hold on to the sole for dear life. If they are too small, pinching and swelling will happen immediately. Shoes are constructed to hit certain parts of the foot, and when you ignore that, it can be the beginning of a long line of foot injuries. No matter how much you love those too-small vintage heels, do as Goldilocks and search until you find a pair just right.

2. Break in your heels before taking them out into the world. When you buy a new pair of shoes, wear them around your house before hitting the pavement. Try a few short sessions of running around indoors to break them in without hurting yourself. You will walk with more confidence, the shoe will begin to form to your foot and the bottoms will scuff slightly to prevent slipping.

3. Don’t be afraid of insoles. Feet sliding in a strappy shoe? Find a non-slip insole that will keep your foot in place. Do you have a low arch or sensitive soles? Gel inserts can be arch supporters and therefore life savers if you’re going to be on your feet all day.

4. Learn to walk properly in heels. A. Posture is key: back straight, chest forward, head up and shoulders back. B. Tightening your stomach muscles will keep your core strong and prevent all the weight from falling on your tootsies. C. Take long strides and keep those knees from bending so you aren’t clopping down like Bigfoot. Try to place your heel and toe down at the same time, or your toe down first and then your heel (the opposite of walking in flats). Walking heel to toe could snap a stiletto or an ankle. D. Your knees are best friends, keep them close to each other. E. To strut like you’re on the catwalk, keep your upper body tight and strong but let your hips sway. You will walk with swagger and prevent that awful sharp pain in the balls of your feet that comes from stomping.

5. There is no shame in taking a seat if you can. DO NOT remove your heels until you’re done wearing them for the day or have a couple hours to kill. Your feet will swell slightly after taking them off, so it will be harder to get them back on once you’ve allowed them to relax. If you are in an environment where seating is available and sitting is appropriate, take a seat every 20-30 minutes. This will let an inanimate object support your weight for awhile.

6. Pamper your feet after a long day. After carrying your body weight on 4-inch heels all day, your feet deserve some soothing repair time. The Body Back Company’s Porcupine Massage Ball is one of our favorites.
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