CC Staff Wishlist: Senior Editor Emerald’s List Of WANTS

Christmas time is a time of giving, so why not give sum o’ dat to me, Satan Claus? No? Fine. Truthfully, I get a lot more out of spending money on other people than the tiny bit of novelty I get from a new gadget or piece of clothing. Still, it’s nice to have a wish list and hope and dream that when I am future Editor-in-Chief of whatever popular-website-of-the-moment is, I can maybe buy everything I want on a whim. Until then I only dare to dream of $99 sweaters and a camera I’ll only use for like, 5 minutes then forget I have. At the end of the day it’s all just stuff and I’d rather have a home cooked meal with my family than a bunch of shit I got from a retailer.

Here’s what I’ve beenĀ coveting.

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