20 Cats Totally Pwning Christmas Trees

It’s the day after Christmas, hope you all got exactly what you wanted and for those who don’t celebrate X-mas, we ┬áhope everyone else didn’t drive you utterly insane. One of the pivotal parts of celebrating Christmas is the tree. It’s ritualistic for some people, like my family, to put it up the day after Thanksgiving and to do it together. Putting up a tree always sounds like fun, until you realize making it look nice takes about 100,000 man hours.

Then of course, if you own a cat, you know that all of your work will immediately be destroyed. Whether fake or real, cats LOVE Christmas trees. Strangely enough they love to go inside of the trees. They love to stand perfectly balanced on each branch, or snuggle up in the center without any disregard for the beautiful tree you’ve decorated.

One day you decorate your tree, the next day you find 100 Christmas ornaments on the floor, only to find a pair of glowing yellow eyes hiding behind the branches.

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