Expert Advice on Applying Self Tanner in the Winter

Who doesn’t love getting a tan? Even though it’s not healthy to be in the sun, sometimes we can’t resist moving out from under the umbrella at the beach or pool. Of course, we always wear sunscreen to keep our skin protected and looking young. But when winter rolls around and we don’t even have the option of getting a little natural color, how can we get that warm, healthy, bronzed glow without hitting the dreadful tanning salon? We got ahold of Fiona Locke, a St. Tropez Skin Finishing Expert with a long roster of A-list clients, to give us some master advice on how to rock self tanner in the winter months. Check out her guidelines below.

Because many of us are pretty fair in the winter, how should you choose the appropriate color for your skin tone? Or is it more about how much you apply rather than the shade.
One of the best ways to slowly introduce a tan to your pale skin in winter is to start with a gradual tanner like St. Tropez Everyday Lotion. This rich moisturizer will hydrate dry skin while slowly building a subtle tan. This way it won’t be so dramatic and obvious in winter months. But if you are looking for a little more color and a fresh tan, my all time favorite is St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse, applied with an applicator mitt. You can ease your way into your tan by using a few pumps of product on each part of your body and gliding it onto your skin with the mitt. It will give you an instant, ready-to-go glow and a longer lasting effect.

Are there tips you can offer to using self tanner in the winter versus the summer? Or is it just about best practices no matter what time of year?
My winter tips are important to practice all year round but especially helpful if you suffer from dry and dull winter skin as most of us do. You should always exfoliate your whole body with St. Tropez Body Polish to prep your skin and smooth out excessively dry areas like your elbows, knees, feet, hands and ankles. Before applying your self tanner, use a light lotion on these same areas to prevent the product from over absorbing the color. Also, once you’ve applied your tan, you should keep your skin moisturized every day, another great time to use St. Tropez Everyday Lotion for Body and face.

When it comes to maintaining the tan, how much is too much in your experience? We still want to look natural after all!
If you follow the steps above, exfoliate and hydrate, you will greatly extend the life of your tan. Or better yet, make it a part of your everyday look by touching up your skin with a fresh layer of bronzing mousse every five to seven days. Therefore it appears more natural. You will also feel so much more confident stepping out in your party dress during the holiday season with a beautiful, healthy and natural glow.

One of the top reasons I fell in love with St. Tropez and use it on all my celebrity clients before they step on the red carpet is because it works with your own natural skin tone and always looks like the real deal. You will love how great your St. Tropez skin makes you feel.

Fiona has been the on-set Skin Finishing and tanning specialist for numerous national television shows including the dancers and contestants on the ABC-television sensation “Dancing With The Stars,” “Cougar Town,” “United States of Tara,” “Celebrity Circus,” the hosts on E! Network’s “The Daily 10,” “E! News,” Kara DioGuardi, the new judge on “American Idol” and the contestants on “America’s Got Talent.” As an authoritative voice, she has also been interviewed about Skin Finishing for networks like ABC, BBC and CNBC.

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