5 Effective Ways To Manage Your Wardrobe

With the influx of cash you likely received over the holidays or the nagging urge to reinvent yourself for the New Year, scrapping all of your clothes and starting over may seem like the best idea — if only it were that easy. Tossing every item you aren’t in love with anymore just isn’t realistic.

Our friends at CollegeFashion teach you the most effective way to manage your wardrobe, just in time for the new year. 

In your down time dissect your favorite fashion mags. Don’t have any magazines? Instagram or YouTube may be of great use. There are an abundance of self-made bloggers who upload “outfit of the days” and lookbooks. Find someone who has conquered the style that you are trying to emulate and work around that.

College Fashion has managing your wardrobe down to a science. Evaluate your wardrobe before you go shopping for any new items. This way you have an agenda before you hit the mall. Who knows, this may be exactly what you needed to spice up those clothes you’ve been holding on to for the last few years.

I will definitely be going through a closet makeover while I have the time to do it. I’m a terrible shopper, but I want to break out of those ways! Carrie Bradshaw shouldn’t be the only one who is in love with everything in her closet.

[Lead image via Forewer/Shutterstock]

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