Gap And Zara Ban Angora Fur To Save The Cutest Bunnies

Gap, Zara and other retailers have banned the use of angora fur because angora bunnies are the CUTEST ANIMALS OF ALL TIME. Also because PETA released footage of a Chinese angora farms in which their fur “is commonly gathered by tying sweet little rabbits to wooden planks and then tearing all of their body hair out by the follicles while they scream in agony,” according to Jezebel.


WHO COULD HURT SUCH DELICATE BEAUTIES? The retailers have promised to stop orders on angora fur until there is a more humane way established to acquire it. Scissors? Scissors seems fine, right? That’s how we collect human “fur,” right? Grab some scissors, bbs. You do not want to fuck with the cuteness of an angora bunny because that shit is DIVINE. Respect the cute, people.


[cmg gallery id=”209079″]

[Via. Jezebel]

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