Tips for Keeping Your Accessories Tidy & Organized

Accessories – because of their small size, they can be very difficult to keep organized. Jewelry becomes tangled, scarves get buried and shoes lose mates under the couch and bed. But taking the time to categorize and store your accessories in an orderly manner can work wonders for your space and sanity. Check out our 5 accessory organization tips below and discover how easy it is to keep order.
1. Go shopping for vintage picture frames that match the aesthetic of your room and/or accessory closet. Use nails or pins to string necklaces and bracelets across the frames. Keep similar colors and metals together for quick and easy access.
2. Take a note from your childhood dressing table and admit it’s time to resurrect the earring tree. But don’t worry, the modern versions of this sometimes tacky jewelry organizer are much cooler. We’re suckers for Urban Outfitters’ home department and love this Spinning Ribbon Jewelry Stand.
3. Looking for a quick, easy and no frills way to access your scarves? Buy a pack of plastic shower curtain rings and clip them along the bottom bar of a hanger. String one scarf through each ring and hang it in your closet. Scarves remain visible, wrinkle-free and ready for wear.
4. A hat rack is classically stylish way to both display and keep your hats tidy. Spring for a vintage version if your aesthetic calls for it.
5. Ahh shoes, you can never have too many. And the good news is, there are tons of ways to store shoes in a small space. If you have a deep closet, hanging door organizers are a dream. If under your bed is where extra space exists, grab one or two containers made to dwell there.
How do you keep your accessories organized? Let us know in the comments.
[Lead image via paintings/Shuttershock]

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