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Watch Beyonce Throw Destiny’s Child Shade


destinys child

Remember a little girl group called Destiny’s Child featuring Kelly Rowland, Beyonce Knowles and Poor Michelle Williams. Previous incarnations included two group members far less relevant than even Poor Michelle Williams. Do you see what I am doing here? I am throwing shade at forgotten and fired members of Destiny’s Child just like Beyonce used to do. See Beyonce or Queen Bey, used to be Beyonce Knowles, she only became THE Beyonce after ditching her bandmates and going solo. Beyonce of course denied, denied, denied that she would ever leave her group.


Before doing her own thing (which she, of course has every right to do) it was becoming increasingly clear that although the other members of Destiny’s Child were equally as skilled and talented Beyonce was being groomed to become the star. It isn’t shocking since her manager was her father and that he was playing favorites. In this video Kelly Rowland describes herself as the “second lead vocalist,” which in Destiny’s Child she absolutely was, only to find Beyonce snickering and rolling her eyes in the corner, like, “Really bitch?”

The palpable tension between Beyonce and her bandmates was even expertly parodied on Mad TV.


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