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The Veronica Mars Movie Trailer Is Here!


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Nerds rejoice! The official Veronica Mars movie trailer is finally here! As many of you Veronica fans already know (because you demanded it), Veronica Mars, the television show, was turned into a movie thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that totally kicked ass and after a long-awaited rebirth (almost 10 years ago!) these characters are ready to grace any screen again!

The film, starring Kristen Bell as a now full-grown woman, takes places a decade after her teen detective ways of ¬†investigating crimes in her hometown of Neptune, California. Veronica is living in New York with her college flame, Piz played by Chris Lowel. She decided to quit being a detective to become a big shot lawyer until her high school ex Logan (Jason Dohring) is accused of murder! And it all happens right around the time of their ten year reunion! DUN DUN DUN! It’s all just too good!

The film opens March 14th in AMC theaters. If you’re still not convinced to watch this fan-driven film, check out the trailer below! It’s filled with all these amazing past characters that will make an Veronica Mars fan thrilled and any Kickstarter contributor satisfied! Enjoy!

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