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Cosmic Candy: January 6th – 12th


January 6 - January 12

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries & Aries Rising
The only way that I can describe how the current astrology is landing in my body is inflamed. It feels hard to settle any one place, and mostly I have felt fairly agitated. This of course doesn’t have to land physically in this way for everyone (thank goddess, no one should have to life like this), but there is a kind of internal feeling of being unable to land anywhere.

For Aries this week is especially bright because your ruling planet Mars in your 7th house will form a square to Jupiter in your 4th. In English, this means that whatever has been brewing in either your family dynamics, your home/living situation or your relationship with your parents (or parental material) will be pushing up against your relationships. To be Captain Obvious about it, what unresolved family dynamic from your past is showing up in your intimate relationships? Who’s aggravating that material, how are you dealing with it and what steps are you taking to calm the fire?

For some of you, this shift will be less uncomfortable and more stimulating. If so, use the current energy to acknowledge the strides you have taken and the ways in which you aren’t succumbing to old patterns of lashing out in self-protection, and instead learning to navigate choppy waters without tying your nautical knickers in a knot. It’s important to understand what we are working on outgrowing in terms of the shame, fear and misunderstandings that accumulated in our childhood. It’s important to understand these things without trying to actively push them away. In pushing anything away we are actively also grasping for it, the goal here is to neutralize your reaction to past wounds so that you can observe it without having to become embroiled, enmeshed or victim to it.

Taurus & Taurus Rising
Your ruling planet, Venus, is still the hot topic of the week. Not only is she retrograde (appearing to do a moonwalk across the cosmic dance floor), she’s moving into the heart of her retrograde cycle, making what astrologers call an inferior conjunction to the sun. Over a 10 year period, Venus’s dance with the sun creates a beautiful mandala in the sky in the shape of many hearts overlapping leaving the imprint of a rose on the sky, if one where to trace the movements (check this link for a full breakdown of the event). The dance of both the earth and Venus around the sun (the synodic cycle) makes the five-pointed pentagram (check out this link for the full visual experience). What could it mean that the planet said to be in charge of love, connectivity, relationship, art, culture and harmony would make such visually stunning patterns in the sky? What does it do to you when you look at those images?

The fact that Venus is moving onto “the heart of the sun” this week is seen by many astrologers as being an especially regal influence, assisted and heartened by the power of the great light, Venus gets recharged here. All this to say that this is a magnificent week to work your powers of manifestation. Taurus is an energy like no other in the zodiac as it has this unfathomable ability to stand so strong and sturdy that it demands that which it wants into its sphere. Use this week to get really clear on one thing you want to draw into your life and tell yourself repeatedly that this will manifest on Saturday. Make it something that you actually believe could manifest, make it something that you feel is within your reach.

I’m giving you this assignment because I want you to understand your power and the power of working with the planets and I want you to use this time to shape your belief system in a more positive way, namely that you live in a force field that you can play within, experiment with and use for the betterment of all.

Gemini & Gemini Rising
This is what I urge you to do this week: buy one of those old fashioned writing devices (you know, the one where that stuff comes out of the tip that’s dark blue) and a packet of that thin material that people used to write on in the old days…there was a movie named after it…oh ya, a notebook! A notebook and a pen, pencil, lip liner, crayon, paintbrush or any other device that leaves a mark on a surface. Gather said materials and record everything that you have inherited from your family. Your looks, your laugh, your penchant for Fruitloops, anything that you can think of throughout the week that inspires a sense of well being in you.

For some of you this will be easy, for others this will be insanely excruciating. Either way, it isn’t personal — meaning that you aren’t “better” if you have a great connection to your family and you aren’t a loser if you don’t. Your main job is to dig around and find what you can use to color your current image of yourself.

This Saturday is a kind of magical day for manifesting and you can use this as a way of calling in the treasures that you have been handed by your tribe. For some of you this could have to do with an actual inheritance, but for most of you this will be more along the lines of a spiritual inheritance. The most important thing to remember is that we are all paradoxical, contradictory and we have every right to take what we like about one another and simply, kindly and sweetly leave the rest. You can take your dad’s humor, and leave his drinking habit. You can take your sister’s uncanny ability to make beautiful creations out of everything she touches, and leave her sarcasm. You can take your mother’s kugle recipe, and leave her self-defeating love-less marriage. Take what you like and leave the rest. Take what you like and leave the rest. Take what you like and write about it, paint it, claim it for your own and watch it grow while you effortlessly leave the rest.

Cancer & Cancer Rising
I know, I’m like your annoying aunt that can’t stop asking you if you’re seeing anyone yet — “So anyone special in your life?” I promise that we will move on to other topics soon, but the astrology is what it is! However, in all honesty, when I pan out and look at your whole chart I start hearing the lyrics to When A Fire Starts To Burn by Disclosure — I mean it’s on for you right now. All cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are getting super charged batteries to run on or just feeling hella spent. Because you are a sensitive water type, the electrical currents may feel a bit more like burn out than anything else, so always remember to cover your bases in terms of rest, food, and renewal.

Speaking of renewal, Venus, the planet associated with all things to do with love, especially magnetizing said love, is getting a spa day at Chateau De Soleil. Venus has come to the heart of her retrograde cycle this Saturday and will be camizi (sounds like the latest concoction at your local hipster lounge I know, but this flavor is far from a flash in the pan). This is a recharging, solar panel facelift of a transit for Venus and it just so happens to fall in your 7th house of intimate partnerships. Because Venus is retrograde right now relationship difficulties are more likely to be revealing themselves. I’d like you to see them as hints as to what you need to work on (there is a reason why you are being upset/triggered/bothered at the moment) and, bearing those issues in mind, I suggest that you recommit to working on said issues but with a new set of tools.

Look, we don’t know what we don’t know, but when we know that we are one step ahead of the usual disaster we create. Seek help if you are up against something juicy, this is a time to be purified by your problems, let them bring you to your knees so that you can get up having learned something valuable about the nature of yourself and the nature of you-in love. Hint: look for all the ways in which you are needy, demanding and codependent. And then stop it.

Leo & Leo Rising
There is a source of vital life energy that is being refueled this week and it’s happening in the domain of your chart that has a lot to do with health and the daily routines that keep your life functioning. I know that you and I have talked a lot about this already in the past month, and so I would like you to look back at the last few weeks to see if you actually have made any concrete attempts at sorting this all out.

I say concrete because we are dealing with very pragmatic energy that demands a commitment if it’s going to be of any use in helping you to advance in the world, and trust me, this energy wants you to advance. However the ways in which it’s going about advancing is a little one step forward, two steps back. So you make some strides and then lose them, but in the unraveling you get to see the behavior that is causing this loss of gain. This Saturday is a powerful day to refuel the parts of you that may have lost a little hope or a little steam. If at all possible I say to use this day to either go get a massage, go to a spa (you may be able to trade for a massage and there are good spa’s in the city that you can get a Groupon to and/or some only cost $15 or so to get into) or carve out the time you know you need to reorganize your office, your calendar, your finances or your work schedule. If you need to go check on your New Moon Mantra from last week, it has a couple of key components you can still work for this one.

Virgo & Virgo Rising
Especially if a creative project has been dogging you, but even more so if a love affair or crush has, use this Saturday to refuel your passions. There is a weekly practice from The Artist’s Way that I love and it consists of taking yourself out on a date. This isn’t just any old date though, and no one else is allowed to go on it with you. This is a date for you and your inner artist, and before you tell me that you aren’t an artist I just want to put this homework assignment in context: we are all artists, life is inherently creative-end of story. Ok, so now that we’ve cleared that up, where do you want to take your beautiful artistic self this Saturday?

Sit and meditate on it, ask the little wee-one that lives within what kind of goofy adventure they may want. Or perhaps it’s your inner teenager or young adult who needs the outing-whomever wants whatever adventure see if you can give it to yourself. Sometimes going to the dollar store is enough, sometimes it’s a hike, sometimes a good old fashioned art gallery hits the spot. The other way to go with this energy is to plan a sweet date with a lover, a friend or a loved one and just play in order to rejuvenate. It’s an especially good day to hang out with any children in your life as well. Basically it’s a weekend to recommit to joyful living, especially if you’ve felt this side of your life weak or debilitated lately. Do what you know you need to do to refuel (naps are also highly beneficial for creative output, just fyi).

Libra & Libra Rising
Even though there may be more than one temptation to flip your lid this week, there is an equally strong need to re-commit to your family or home. It’s a really good time to show up for family members in whatever ways you can (as long as you aren’t secretly resentful of doing so), and it’s also a great time to spend some of your weekend at home possibly reorganizing and reclaiming your space.

This Saturday your ruling planet, Venus, will enter into the heart of the sun and many astrologers see this as an auspicious influence, although it’s a tricky one. It’s tricky because the planet itself is retrograde, making this a time where you may not feel particularly strong, yet like someone who is undergoing a cleanse you will leave this period with less crap than you entered it with. It’s a time of revitalization, like a solar panel that has been drained it needs to be recharged, but you need to let yourself go through the process of recharging in order to actually get the energy.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
While I am still keeping an eye on your relationships with your siblings and all things to do with your communications via Venus entering the heart of the sun in your 3rd house this week, I also want to keep an eye on your ruling planet, Mars who is making a Square to Jupiter. This opens up a chain reaction to a larger set of events (which still points to the ways in which you are choosing to speak, relate to and communicate with others) that feels unsettling to say the least.

We are in one of those times astrologically that demonstrates that nothing is sacred in the end, and that nothing is saved from the wear and tear of stress, fracture or age. This kind of astrology (though we’ve been in it since December 25th) can speed up the aging process by means of destabilizing the structures that we like to rely on. Astrology rides a sharp edge of naming the things that are difficult (so that we don’t feel alone and insane) and promoting healthy choices (without ignoring the reality that sometimes life just sucks). So while a part of me wants to validate the possible bad dreams or violent fantasies that may be surfacing, another part of me wants to draw your attention to some constructive ways of dealing with said energy.

When I look at your chart it reminds me of the scene between Bilbo Baggins and Smaug the dragon. While I’m not quite sure which part of the scene you are in, I am sure that some pretty formidable inner forces are being roused in you. So, how to deal with the situation effectively? I think Venus offers us a clue. You see, when Venus enters the heart of the sun everything that the planet symbolizes gets reinvigorated and if Venus can lend us anything it’s charm. This a perfect time for you to consider how to use Venusian charm and Capricorn pragmatism (the sign She’s in now) to make sure the dragon doesn’t eat you alive. It’s tricky material that you are up against but it’s the kind of stuff that fortifies the spirit and tests ones humanity. And remember this on your journey: charm, beauty and love can only help the situation. Get sweet on it.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
Your talent is priceless and there isn’t enough money in the world to buy your creative potential, so why sell yourself short? These past few weeks have had a little bit of an undertow to them in terms of money and ownership, and you’ve been introduced to the kind of self-reflection that is necessary in order to keep the machine working. Sometimes all the components don’t add up and we are left having to find a way to muddle through. This weekend, Saturday to be exact, affords you a special opportunity to realign yourself with your powers of manifestation, but on the days leading up to the weekend you may feel a little less potent than you normally would.

This waning in energy isn’t a bad thing because you’re actually in line for a recharge. This refueling will go especially well if you are able to keep away from comparing yourself to others or even worse, versions of what others think you should be, be doing or be acting like. This is your life to manifest as best you can, leave everyone else’s opinion of your out of it, even your own if it’s devaluing in any way.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
Dare I say that it’s another big week for you? Well, it is. It doesn’t mean that unicorns will be falling out of the sky, landing at your feet and asking you to hop on their back because they have been sent to take you on a fantastical mission (although if that happens, please let me know). But it is my way of saying please take note of what is transpiring around you because the cosmos wants to let you in on a little secret about love. If everything about partnership has been feeling inside out and upside down lately, that’s okay (and if it hasn’t that’s okay too, there is no “supposed to” here).

Who you are in relationships has been front and center, there is no escaping the you in “you and me” — everywhere you go, there you are. The interesting thing about this week is that you are being given the opportunity to reveal a part of yourself that is usually hidden under uniforms and even subtler guises. I encourage you to use this Saturday to move into the heart of whatever issue you have been working on. I encourage you to be more vulnerable with yourself as a way of getting recharged. Aren’t you tired of pretending to be okay with the things that you aren’t? Aren’t you ready to let down your guard a little? While it could be easy to charge ahead at work and forgo these subtler needs, I beg you not to. Do the work that needs to be done but keep returning to your heart, what it needs, what it wants and what it’s telling you. This week has the potential to bring you back into a balanced relationship with yourself, which can’t but help every other person you are in contact with.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
I think that this week may bring some much needed clarity, a change of mind and/or a deepening acceptance of what has been lost. This universe is a magnificent orchestration of atoms, cells, membranes, microbes, bacteria, fungus, light beams and stardust, but it’s also an unreasonable and unjust mishmash of inconsistent and desperate experiences. Or is it? Sometimes it think it’s the bees knees around here, and other times I feel like I’m just trying to make meaning out of sheer madness. However, it looks like you are in a longer process of attempting to hash all this out for yourself. Will you arrive at any solid answer? Probably not; what would be the fun in that?

This week is much more about the feelings involved that stem from the beliefs that you do have and seeing if the two are resonant or even remotely helpful to one another. The first time I lost someone that was really close to me (my first long-term adultish love), I was forced to define what I believed. Did I believe in a larger organizing intelligence? Did I believe in life after the body goes? It was a deeply painful spiritual experience that shaped the rest of my life and to a large degree shaped the direction of it. I share this with you because I want you to be especially open to experiences that may tend to be deeply spiritual in nature even if they seem like just another reminder about life’s impermanence.

Pisces & Pisces Rising
This is definitely a time to keep telling yourself that you are wildly fortunate, definitely blessed, absolutely abundant and you show the universe that you believe this by sharing what you have with those around you. That being said, I am not trying to ignore any of the difficulty or tumult that the past holiday season brought with it, or what the spring is concocting for us, but I am trying to actively steer you in a direction that will lesson those blows. Redirecting your awareness to what can work creates more pleasurable experiences in life, and I’m here to say that the more you offer yourself as a benefactor to others the more you will feel that you have to give. I suggest using this Saturday as an experiment in creating abundance by giving abundantly.

Offer something you wouldn’t usually offer, give something you’ve always wanted to give and love someone in a way that you have always wanted to be loved. The weekend offers us all the opportunity to enter into a very heartening experience via the planet Venus whom is entering the heart of the sun. She’s getting a solar-infused beauty bath and none to soon. She’s a little haggard, a little spent and very much in need of this time with the beloved life and light-giver. Therefor, if while reading this all you can think of is how much all of your friends have triggered you lately just know that it’s quite possible that you’re a little worn out but that relief is right around the corner, as long as you keep your expectations in check and your motives clean.

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