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Lady Gaga Blames Everyone For Failure Album ArtFLOP But Herself


lady gaga

“‘Actors and singers need critics to grow’ is something you have made up and it is not healthy for the fans enjoying the music,” Lady Gaga said in one of many rants over the weekend. I thought this would be a good starting point because any artist/person who thinks their shit doesn’t stink is impossibly arrogant and delusional.

How do you learn about yourself? As a person, how do you learn? In school you learn about the world around you and maybe you can apply those teachings to yourself, but the real way in which we learn about ourselves is when things are difficult. Life does not teach you lessons when it is easy, complacent and simple. And what is difficult is to be challenged. When life challenges us that is when we learn and so for an artist to be so upset about being challenged is absurd.


Lady Gaga blames the delays of the “Do What U Want” video on those who “betrayed” her, “Those who have betrayed me gravely mismanaged my time and health and left me on my own to damage control any problems that ensued as a result. Millions of dollars are not enough for some people. They want billions. Then they need trillions. I was not enough for some people.”

However, what’s painfully obvious is that Lady Gaga is trying to backtrack from her association with R. Kelly after he faced much warranted criticism for being an alleged serial rapist, which is why she subbed him for Christina Aguilera in recent performances and snagged a deal with Billboard to count both versions of the song as sales for one single so that it can still chart.

Dismissing critics is preposterous and probably why ARTPOP was a huge failure—the album added up to nothing, was a mixed bag of mediocre tunes and was bland in comparison to her previous efforts. This irks me because Lady Gaga is incredibly talented, she is a great singer, has a knack for the theatrical, the fashionable and given the right circumstances can write a really great pop song that actually says something.

It’s an age old tale when an artist becomes so arrogant that they stop giving credit and listening to the people around them who helped them attain the greatness they’ve achieved. I am a strong believer that everyone is a student (and a teacher) for a lifetime, but once you believe you know it all you’re doomed. Once you decide to stop learning, you stop growing. Those who are critical of us, not mean, not malicious, but who show us our weaknesses so that we can make them strengths are those who push us to grow.

After a 25 million dollar launch, ARTPOP failed to sale and tanked after its first week of sales. Now Lady Gaga is saying she is going to relaunch the album and is absolving herself of any accountability for its failure. The album flopped because the songs on it flopped and perhaps those songs were mostly “meh” because she stopped taking guidance from others?

She ranted, “The next few months of ARTPOP will truly be its beginning. Because those who did not care about ARTPOP’s success are now gone, and the dreams I have been planning can now come to fruition. Please forgive me that I did not foresee this coming, I never thought after all the years of hard work that those I called friends and partners would ever care so little at a time I needed them the most. Give me a chance to show you the meaning of seeing art all around you.”

How could she say people didn’t care about ARTPOP’s success when 25 million dollars was invested into it? When people’s jobs are completely on the line based on her success. Every artist employs hundreds of people: dancers, roadies, production teams, managers, marketers, salespeople—if that artist suddenly slipped into irrelevance than those people no longer have jobs, so why, I ask, would they not be invested in the album’s success?

Lady Gaga has made a career of playing the victim because her target demographic is real victims excluded from mainstream society: the LGBT community, bullied teens and young misfits. In order to connect with them she highlights all of her struggles (some real, some exaggerated, some fabricated) to make herself seem relatable. She portrays herself as an underdog despite being a top charting artist, and though her album is a relative flop, she is still outselling just about every other singer on the planet. Real depression, mental disorders and substance abuse should not be dismissed but it should not be used and trivialized as a marketing tool to make yourself seem more sympathetic.

While I do have empathy for her because fame doesn’t seem like it’s all it’s cracked up to be, I find it insufferable that she doesn’t take ownership of her work and consistently uses shady tactics to increase album sales and uses victimhood as an excuse to do so. Just watch her videos and performances: she is always crying.

And if you think it’s just me being harsh, here are the comments from some of her little monsters.

“I’m ok with you scrapping the album and releasing another 8 track album of actually good songs…. I mean we’re essentially only left with about 5-6 good songs on Artpop as it is rn, lbr now.”

“I only listen to Venus, Sexxx Dreams, DWUW, Swine, Artpop, and occasionally Dope. The rest of them I am just not here for at all and if she released an amazing EP I would be so happy.”

“I’ve been going back to her gems on all of her other releases tbh. artpop is making me sad. feels so anticlimactic of an album.”

“What? Is she starting over because she didn’t get the attention she wanted? is she 2 fucking years old?”

“IDK, it can be a case of girl who cry wolf. She has played this card so many times it’s hard to believe. Didn’t she start the ‘stop the drama’ thing?”

“How convenient that the moral trailblazer of our generation remembered not to work with pedophiles after the single flops.”

Lady Gaga’s Crocodile Tears

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