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The Perfect Brows for Every Face Shape


cara delevingne

We are totally obsessed with big, beautiful eyebrows at the moment. In fact, I haven’t waxed mine in six months, and they look better than ever. But we understand not everyone wants to let her brows go completely wild. Just like cutting your bangs correctly for your face shape can work wonders, grooming the perfect eyebrows will make you look just as fly. Get those tweezers ready or make a waxing appointment because you’ll want to jump on these tips immediately. But remember: bold brows are in, so don’t go too crazy.

Round – Tone down the curviness in your face by creating a high arch in your brow. To help you place the arch, look straight at yourself in a mirror and hold a pencil up to the outside of your iris. Where the pencil touches your brow is where the arch should go.

Oval – You can experiment with most eyebrow shapes as your bone structure is the easiest to complement. But a soft angled brow is going to be your best bet if you want a natural look. Place the arch in the same place as you would for a round face but don’t make it as high.

Heart – Because your chin comes to a point, it’s best to give your eyebrows a rounded shape. This will highlight your cheekbones while softening any sharp angles in your face. Look carefully at the crease in your eyelid. If your brow follows this shape, it will look perfect.

Square – Balance a square jaw and angular face with a strong brow. If you’re not used to heavier eyebrows, get used to it because they’re fabulous. Place the arch towards the outside of your iris, but don’t make them too thin – your jaw will look even wider with itsy-bitsy brows above.

[Lead image via GIF Hunterress]