There Is A 'Sex With Liam (Payne) Be Like' Meme Because He Has A Big Peen

A photo surfaced of Liam Payne of One Direction’s penis bulge sparking an epic twitter meme describing what it’s like to experience the girth and length of the pop star. It’s all just sexual puns about having sex with a massive dong. As illustrated in the photograph below, Liam Payne might have some sort of epic Nordic ding-a-ling, however it’s probably just lighting. This is why dudes shouldn’t wear basketball shorts or track pants anywhere they might be photographed. Or maybe it’s exactly why they should. I have to say, there is no shortage of dong jokes on the internet. Liam is known for being the “butchest” member of One Direction, look at how “regular, stoner bro down the hall he looks” amongst the other two hipsterific twinks. However, I am a fan of Zayn because he has mysterious eyes and clearly hates being a part of a shitty boy band. Anyway, I can only hope that upon seeing Liam’s boner, these three twinks made sweet, sweet love while serenading each other with such poetic lyrics as, “You don’t know you’re beautiful, you don’t know you’re beautiful” and “This is the best song ever!” Look, Zayn and Harry both have their tongues out, they are so ready for that vitamin D.