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Racist Student Who Tortured Black Roommate Deemed ‘Nerdy’ Not Racist



We previously covered the story about the San Jose State student who was tortured by his roommates for being African American. His roommates nicknamed him “three-fifths” as a reference to previous laws that counted slaves as three-fifths of a person, they put a U-shaped bicycle lock around his neck, decorated their shared spaces with the Confederate Flag and Nazi memorabilia and physically hurt him. The NY Daily News reports, “The goons also barricaded his door with furniture and once tried to lure him into a closet that had its doorknob removed to trigger his claustrophobia.”

One of three students, Logan Beaschler, along with Joseph Bomgardner and Colin Warren who are being charged with a misdemeanor hate crime and battery, is using the defense that he is not racist but “nerdy,” according to lawyer Charles Mesirow.

I can only presume this lawyer is purposefully doing a shitty job because he knows this kid is guilty as fuck. Mesirow said, “Kids with too much time on their hands will do stupid things,” and these were just “insensitive pranks.” Yes, kids will do stupid things, yes, these things were insensitive, oh and yes, they are racist. All too often the line between hazing and abuse gets blurred and leads to lawsuits, injuries and death. Why not play it safe and act like a fucking human being and not a neo nazi?

Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s just my fault for not stopping to think that the few times I’ve been called the n-word in my life the asshole was just playing a prank?! Slavery, Jim Crowe, segregation and mass inequality are just pranks, you guys! Stop being so sensitive.

[Via. Huffington Post/Shutterstock/ Sergieiev]

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