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The Cutest Snow Boots to Shake Those Winter Blues


snow boots

Here in NYC, we got a pretty brutal snowstorm last week, and we know many of you have experienced similar situations around the country (if you live somewhere warm, consider yourself lucky!). Sure the cold temperatures and slippery sidewalks are annoying and potentially dangerous. But what really irritates us about this weather is the inability to wear anything we want.

Donning huge puffy coats and trying to keep track of a million cold weather accessories¬†are certainly reasons to be annoyed with the season, but nothing is more frustrating than stepping into a sludgy pile of snow and ruining yet another pair of shoes. There are some pretty ugly winter boots out there willing to take one for the team, but we don’t think a solid pair of weatherproof shoes and good style should be mutually exclusive.

So we found seven adorable pairs of winter boots that not only will beat down the snow, rain and sleet, they’ll actually complement your favorite outfits. Check them out below.