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Cape Town: Our Favorite Way to Stay Warm this Winter


cape vogue nippon

We know you’re probably sick of hearing how damn cold it is everywhere, so we’re going to stop talking about it for a minute. Well, not completely, because one of our favorite winter fashion pieces would not be possible without the chill. But rather than complain, we’ll agree to embrace the temperature, if only for a minute, to profess our love affair with the cape.

This classic piece has been around, well, pretty much forever and has no plans of leaving this earth anytime soon. Its roomy cut allows you to layer and wear the warmest clothing possible on even the coldest days. You can tuck your arms inside to keep them toasty or throw it aside for full range of motion and sass. Classy and stylish, the cape is literally perfect for any occasion. Check out some of our favorites below.

[Lead image via Being Red]