How to Find the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you need to stash your sunglasses. The UV rays are just as powerful and damaging as they are in hot weather, even if we don’t feel them as much. It’s important to protect your peepers year round, which we totally don’t mind because we love a great pair of sunglasses. From big, round Jackie-O shades to retro cat eyes to aviators, we have worn every style of sunnies, well, under the sun.
But if you have trouble finding your perfect pair, you could be looking at the wrong style for your face shape. So we asked expert Cassandra Decker, PR & Communications Coordinator at Viva International Group, to fill us in on how to buy sunglasses for round, oval, square and heart-shaped faces. Check out her recommendations below.
Rectangular frames or those with a more angular shape add a little edge to the softness of a round face. Bring out those cheekbones with something like theseĀ Mad Men-esque black and tortoise sunnies from Guess.


Lucky you! You can wear almost any frame shape you want as long as they are proportional to your face. If you have a small head, don’t buy something too bug eyed. But if you have a bigger noggin, ditch the tiny frames and spring for something more dramatic. You can never go wrong with an exaggerated cat eye.


To soften the angular lines of your face, Cassandra suggests round, oval or cat eye styles. We love the simple swagger of these gilded Gant frames.


If you have a heart-shaped face, aviator, rimless and cat eye styles will bring balance to your bone structure. To say we’re obsessed with this Guess tortoise shell pair is an understatement.

[Lead image via Gts/Shuttershock]

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