Sarah Jessica Parker Wants A Third Sex And The City Movie, BUT WHY?

“A part of me thinks there is one last chapter to tell. But timing is a peculiar thing. It isn’t a decision that can wait forever. I don’t want to have to wear muumuus!” Sarah Jessica Parker told InStyle. Sigh. The Sex and The City film franchise was horrifying. It completely bastardized what would otherwise have been considered a good to great show.
You see, this holiday, I re-watched the series in its entirety (I am currently halfway through season 6). What I expected to be a horridly vapid show about shopping and finding a man that will magically fix all your problems, was actually a show that dealt with very specific and very realistic relationship issues that probably had not been discussed prior to 1998 onscreen. While the show did have a ton of shortcomings, often referring to gay men as “fags” and the one cringeworthy episode that actually featured a nonwhite person where Samantha dates a Black man and experiences “reverse racism” should be erased from history, the actual show had more strengths than weaknesses overall. Even if it did a horrible job of framing entire episodes around stupid Carrie puns like, “Are we shoulding all over ourselves?” (That is a real, actual example), it still was very sex positive for women, funny and had some great dynamic moments.
Unfortunately before I revisited the show, all I could remember was the shameless display of capitalism and Samantha screaming, “He is the lawrence of my labia.” All I could remember was how ridiculous it was that they would COINCIDENTALLY see Aiden in Dubai, Carrie would cheat on Big with him, never tell Big and live happily ever after, meanwhile if Big had ever done something like that she would have turned the Earth off his axis. The movies stooped to the lowest of lows of the worst, most backwards romantic comedies that make women look superficial, desperate and crazy. Big gets Carrie a closet and suddenly their relationship problems are over because he knew where to put her shoes?
A show that underscored some of the greatest difficulties in relationships from erectile dysfunction, difficulty conceiving, addiction, commitment fears, shared responsibilities, single motherhood, promiscuity and plenty more, manages to completely diminish all of its ambitious undertakings by suggesting that when a man gives you the right gift, even after stringing you along for 7 years, it’s true love. That’s some real and true examination of the human condition and how we live now. /sarcasm
Not to mention, none of the women are single anymore! Samantha is, and although she was always the most fun to watch, it’s supposed to be a series about four single women.
These movies were from some alternate universe where these smart, independent women morphed into basic dumb broads. Please do not make another one, not a single member of the cast seems too enthused. Cynthia Nixon said, “I think we had a wonderful ride. I think it’s fine to let it go.”
Let it go, SJP.
Here’s some insight on what the third movie would look like.

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