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There Is A Mean Girls Accessories Line That Is So Fetch!



L.A. based designers Stella and Bow have come up with a Mean Girls inspired line of accessories. Each piece of jewelry, that’s as fashionable as it is funny, references a scene, iconic quote or character from the film. You know, “Her hair is so big because it’s full of secrets,” “On Wednesdays we wear pink,” and my favorite, “Boo, you whore.”

Can you believe that this year on April 30th the film will be 10 years old? How?! It seems that Lindsay Lohan was set for super stardom just a few days ago, it’s hard to imagine that her ongoing struggles have been this ongoing. Or that Rachel McAdams wasn’t yet the likable actress who looked good in every hair color or that Amanda Seyfriend would be the unlikeliest of Hollywood darlings. Oh, how times have changed. 10 years ago I was in 10th grade, shopping at Hot Topic and thinking Applebees was gourmet. What a strange time.

The new line won’t be available until February but is currently available for pre-order. I can’t wait to wear my Wednesday bracelet and have someone say, “Oh my god, I love your bracelet! . . . That is the ugliest effing bracelet I’ve ever seen.”


[Via. Refinery 29]

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