8 Adorable Bags to Keep Your Makeup Neat & Tidy

makeup bag

If you’re anything like me, you hoard beauty products like it’s apocalypse now (because at the end of the world, we still need to look fly, amiright?). We all have one bag that holds the makeup we use every single day. But what about the countless products we bought but haven’t had the chance to try yet? Sometimes they get thrown aside, into a makeup case or shoebox under the bed, and we forget about them until it’s too late.

So as a beauty obsessor, I’ve come up with a solution. One of the easiest, most organized ways to keep track of each and every cosmetic you own is to categorize them into their own separate makeup bags. Eyeliner in one, mascara in another and so on. To get you started, we chose eight of the cutest makeup bags out there to hold everything you have and more. Check them out below.

[Lead image via Sergiy Kuzmin/Shuttershock]

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