Recap: GIRLS, Season 3 Premiere [A Bro’s Thoughts]

After Girls Season 2, there seemed to be an outcry over the fact that there was a bit of imbalance when it came to the voice and tone of the show. (I HATED it. Seriously. Last season was the definition of ‘hate-watch’ for me.) Sometimes it would be an ensemble comedy, sometimes it would venture into New Wave-esque character studies, sometimes it would be a drama about mental health. While there were always flashes of brilliance, Lena Dunham & crew just couldn’t seem to find the straight and narrow path to find their footing. Suffice to say, I think all of the slight criticism sunk in. Girls season 3 has started off really strong, maybe mainstreamed a bit, but all for the better.

In Which Shoshanna And Adam Are The Best Supporting Characters On Television (Maybe)

While opinions on Adam can be split between slight sociopath and charming weirdo, he’s finally found the happy medium of who he is within not only his life, but Hannah’s as well. When confronted by Natalia with Hannah (shoutout to the Amy Schumer guest spot!), there’s a part of you that thinks he’s going to snap off and just kill everyone in the coffee shop. Instead, he takes his punishment. He knows he did something wrong, and he accepts it. While the ploy was to make the audience should feel awkward for Hannah; I saw growth in Adam.

This shows even more when after initially being pissed at the fact that Marnie and Shoshanna are coming over to his & Hannah’s apartment for ‘tacos and ice cream,’ he instead is the best host to people he can’t stand. The close up on his dead eyes show that even though he couldn’t care whatever is being spouted at the table, he’s going to make this work for Hannah because he loves her. After watching Adam fall apart last season, to see him somewhat stable was refreshing to me.

When Adam falls out of bed, destroys the radio and continues to give every statement to disregard Hannah and Shoshanna’s complaints as they drive to pick up Jessa from rehab is a reflection of reality that will probably get him some sort of notoriety for awards. Seriously. It’s just so honest and blunt as the guy who doesn’t want to do something, but does it anyway because, well, it’s not like he had anything better to do. (It helps that Hannah is his girlfriend as well.) Adam’s finally grounded. While he’s still a bit whimsical every now and then, you take it as just a part of who he is instead of him being weird.

Shoshanna, on the other hand, is embracing chaos theory and frankly, it’s a beautiful thing. Shoshanna’s introduction of falling out of a dorm room bed, having a vignette of being unable to study, and a declaration at dinner that she has ‘on and off’ days when trying to experience life reminds you just how young she is, but how incredible she can be at the same time. Her monologues of addiction to Red Bulls, sitting in a corner complaining about college, and embracing Adam as one of the most romantic people she knows can be looked at as naive. But I deem it as the reflection of innocence we used to have. I remember when nothing was in front of me and not having goals and just thought about what girl I was going to text later to make sure I got some. That was college. That’s where Shoshanna is. While I don’t miss it, I’m pretty sure we all had just a little bit of Shoshanna in us, right?

Jessica Miglio/Courtesy of HBO

Jessica Miglio/Courtesy of HBO

In Which Marnie Is Kind Of The Same Person But Not Annoying Anymore

Both Shoshanna and Marine are both post-breakup, figuring out their lives, and trying to get on track. While Shoshanna is embracing insanity, Marine is making steps towards life goals and surprising not as annoying as she used to be (i.e. moving into her own apartment, keeping up with her job, etc.). She has found her sweet spot. You accept the fact that she’s always going to be annoying, but at this point, she’s not blaming it on everyone else. She’s coming to grips with the fact that life likes to punch you sometimes, and it’s how you bandage yourself up that counts. (She wallows a little bit, but that’s fair.) I have to admit, for the first time since watching this series, I didn’t groan or sigh when Marnie spoke. In fact, during every conversation she has with her mother; I laughed. (Which may be a sign of the apocalypse.)

In Which Jessa Still Sucks, Is Selfish, In Rehab And Gives Nothing Of Importance To The Show Besides Fucking With Her Friends

Yeah, that’s it. Oh! She went down on Taystee from Orange Is The New Black! That was weird. Her rehab storyline is somewhat aimless, but because it doesn’t take up much screentime, you don’t really register how much Jessa sucks until you hear other characters talking about her. She’ll be back in the fold (and in the city) next week, and it’ll be interesting to see if everyone else’s contempt for her pans out.

Other than that, Hannah’s storyline is basic professional anxiety with the occasional one-liner put in about her upcoming ebook while being the annoying friend on a road trip, Ray has a nice monologue about life and getting rid of people but is suspiciously absent, and for the first time in a long time, Girls didn’t feel like it was dragging along.

It’s strange when a show takes into account the major problems with it and fixes them. Most of the time this could be a hit or miss affair, but with Girls, everything works. The streamlining of each character and making them have some sort of purpose within the episode instead of aimlessness that last season was filled with gets me very excited to see how the rest of the season can play out. Hopefully, the show stays on this path.

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